So today I was a pilot for a day! I live in the same house as a pilot student. He just got his license some weeks ago, so now he’s able to fly alone with friends!

I’ve seen pictures of it when he brought some other friends and told him it looked amazing. He invited me on a sightseeing tour 2 weeks ago and today I finally got to go with him.
We live in Norway right now in a place called Sandefjord. Since it’s my first time to fly just for fun, we decided to just do some sightseeing and see some of the other cities around.

We went south to see a smaller city called Larvik. After that we flew over the see to look at the boats and an island I don’t remember the name of.

After that we went up north, landed shortly and flew back again. I saw a prison! There are areas where you’re not allowed to go with the plane. You’re not allowed to fly over prisons. We didn’t do that – we just saw it from the side. It was pretty awesome!

My friend let me take over the plane. So i turned right and left and up and down. Hahaha! It gives you a lot of adrenaline and it was crazy! But I loved the trip and will definitely go again (if he wants me to join again!)