After having visited the Belgian festival Tomorrowland 2 weeks ago, I decided to go back to Belgium for one day to visit Pairi Daiza. Pairi Daiza is a zoo located south west from Brussels in the french part of the country. On the website of Pairi Daiza they clearly state that this is the best zoo in entire Europe, which I totally can agree with now.

The park Pairi Daiza is divided into different parts of the world. Everything reminds you more of a theme park than a typical zoo. And there are all animals you could possibly think of.

I chose to visit the place with one of my Belgian friends. He had been there once before, and it was really nice to have someone with you who knows the place just a little. Because the place is huge. And there are lots of people. So if you plan on seeing everything in one day, it requires you to spend your time wisely.

We arrived at around noon. At it seemed like everybody else chose to do the same. Luckily, we were only standing in the queue for around 10 minutes. But once we were inside the park, it was very crowded! Maybe it was due to Belgium having a holiday on the 15th of August. Well, we didn’t think about that. But we still had a fun day.

The main areas in the park are the different parts of the world. Here you can visit Africa, Australia, China, Asia and their new dinosaur land. Besides all the themes, there are smaller areas as well, which aren’t exactly divided into world areas. Here you can e.g. see an aquarium, watch birds and bats, reptiles or have lunch in the jungle.

As I mentioned before, this place has all the animals you wish to see. The most popular animal was clearly the Chinese panda bear. It took us some time go get close, but it was on our must-see list while being there. Obviously, the kids were smaller than we were, which made it quite easy to get a good view.

Besides the panda bears we saw flamingos, a bird show, lions, white tigers, koala bears, kangaroos, leopards, orangutans, elephants and zebras.

We ended the day with a walk in the dinosaur park. The music here was a mix of Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park. So the vibe was exciting!

Practical information:

The price per adult is 32 EUR. It is slightly expensive, but it is definitely worth it once you’re there.
There is also a 7 EUR parking fee.

I can recommend this place to people in all ages. You need an entire day to see everything, and time just flies. If you got the time, you can easily spend 2 days in Pairi Daiza to really enjoy it and to see all animals.

French! Be prepared to speak french, because they love speaking their own language. But if you just know the basics, you’re basically good to go.