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I have no idea what to expect. When I ask fellow Danish travel bloggers about Minsk, they have no clue of what to see or do. Maybe it’s because in 2016 there were only 88,200 tourists in Minsk (tourists who bought travel services from Minsk organizations). Of those tourists 76% were Russians.

However, Belarus’ president Lukashenko changed the visa rules this year, which allows Europeans and Americans to visit Belarus for 5 days without having to apply for a visa in advance.

It’s definitely not easy to plan a trip to Minsk. Tripadvisor and and Lonely Planet all recommend the same things as the usual museums, parks and gardens, and monuments. Obviously, I’ll be seeing this when I get there. But getting to know the local culture is of bigger interest than “just” looking at buildings and statues.

There aren’t too many articles or travel blogs with enough recommendations to Minsk, so I hope to get inspired when I’m there.

So far, I have teamed up with BelAgro Travel, who will show me the city and hopefully be able to tell me what’s it’s like to be Belarusian and live in Minsk, and of course show me some cool sights as well. I am already super excited and have great expectations!

Other than that, I have bought tickets for the circus and a traditional music show, which I really am looking forward to.

If you have any recommendations, please do let me know!


Marie is the founder of this blog, which has existed since 2012. Her entire life, she has had a passion for traveling and loves to explore and try out new adventures. Having visited 40+ countries so far, she keeps being in love with Africa and its incredible nature. She used to live in both Norway and Switzerland, but has moved her base back to Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides traveling, Marie loves reading books, writing and meeting new people.




  • Agness of a Tuk Tuk

    Minsk is a great and a very underrated travel destination, Marie! You should definitely try their beer called Nikolayevskoe which is cheap, robust, and always served with a smile. 🙂 Let us know your highlights from there!

    • Marie Meier

      Hi Agness! Minsk was a wonderful place to visit. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try Nikolayevskoe – but I did try something called Kwass, which was super fun to try.
      But thank you so much for your tip.

  • Yatina Red

    Love this! I am planning a trip soon and your guide is definitely coming in use

  • divya sharma

    Minsk is a great traveling place and i love to go there and this blog help me to make my plans for visiting minsk thank you so much

  • radhika sharma

    nice blog this information is great for traveling place and thank you so much

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