Most people have some kind of New Year’s Resolutions. Even though I think that it’s not only 1st of January that we should change ourselves and decide to live life better. We should do it the day we find out that we can do it even better!

I still got my New Year’s Resolutions. Just to have some, I guess. But it wasn’t any I didn’t have before.

1. Keep Traveling
Of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to blog about.

2. Make videos
I love watching videos of my travels and of my life.

3. Do better in school
I have to start taking school more seriously (instead of watching tv shows all the time)

4. Make more money
Get one more job or get a new one that pays more.

5. Enjoy life
The most important one of them all. Use every minute you have and enjoy it. Don’t waste your time and always find the positive things in life even when everything feels like breaking down.

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