This year has been one of my greatest travel years so far. Visiting 8 new countries has made this an incredible adventurous year. I am truly grateful for getting all these opportunities to go explore the world like this.

I’d love to share my best travel memories of the year with you:

Abu Dhabi

I had been here two times before to visit one of my friends. Each time I have loved it. This time I stayed for one week. I really enjoyed being in a well-known place where you have seen all the touristy things already.

We went to the local zoo and a few other places to simply talk about our time in Namibia and enjoy shisha.

South Africa & Swaziland

On this trip, I learned more about myself than I have done in the past 3 years. Starting in Durban, I met two Argentinian girls, who had known each other for so many years and had such different views on life than I was used to in Denmark. Whenever I need inspiration or motivation, I think about those girls who always make me remember to follow my heart.

Later, I met a local South African guy, who wrote one page in my diary. I always read it when I miss Africa.
I also met with one of my friends, which I hadn’t seen in 3 years since I left Namibia. Talking to her made me feel like home.

Hopefully I’ll get to see all these wonderful people again sometime in the future!


Surfing hasn’t yet been my biggest success so far, but the trip was fun and relaxing. And since I had been to Taghazout before, it just felt like pure vacation and stress-free time.

This trip was a university school trip, where I knew half the group before departure. During my time here I met a lot of cool students, who luckily study at the same university as me. I’d love to go on this trip again.


Here I met one of my closest friends for the past 2 years. We had been through a lot together, which actually meant that I didn’t really know if he would show up when I arrived. He did and it was like wonderland for days.

Little did I know about Budapest, but the weather was really great and we saw many historical sights and just enjoyed our time while eating lots of food!


This country hasn’t been on my bucket list for 2017. However, it was a very spontaneous trip. Since my friend and I were already in Hungary, Romania was so close. I was supposed to stay in Hungary for a week. But after 3 days, we went 5 days to Romania. Lovely experience!

This picture is taken in Timisoara, which will be the capital of culture in 2021.


This was my planned summer vacation, where I just needed to chill at the beach and get some tan. Again, I had my friend with me, who I met with in Hungary. We drove to the mountains and saw the most beautiful nature of Montenegro.

Having a base in Budva, we drove around to see cities like Podgorica, Tivat, Kotor, Sveti Stefan, Cetinje and the national park Lovcen as seen on the picture above.


I had already been to all Scandinavian countries – except for Finland. This has been on my bucket list for a while, and finally I got to experience Helsinki during summer time.

The weather was much better than I had expected. There are so many little islands to visit outside Helsinki, which are all worth seeing. One place is the Suomenlinna and the island that is a zoo.


A 4-day trip to St. Petersburg was unfortunately all the time I had here. But it is a beautiful city with great history and culture.

If you ever choose to go to a place like this, make sure you have more time than just a few days. Everything is huge and needs lots of time to be explored.


Yet not a very touristic place, which I absolutely loved. Our private guide from BelAgro Travel showed and told me absolutely everything about Minsk. Without his help, I would be completely lost due to the language barrier.

I saw so many places on this guide tour which I returned to every day afterwards until I had to go back home. It was also in this city that I went to a circus that had 7 lions, 1 tiger and a monkey riding a bike.


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All in all, it was a year with lots of surprises.

My next trip in 2018 will be going to Uganda, where I’ll go gorilla trekking. Other destinations that I have in mind are Ukraine, Tel Aviv, Svalbard and maybe something in Asia or the Caribbean as well.

I am already super excited about all the things that will happen next year. Thanks for being part of it!