At New Years Eve I thought my life was pretty much the way it should be, so I decided not to make any new years resolutions. But then I traveled to South Africa and Swaziland, where I had never been before. I traveled all by myself and kept a diary to be reminded of all the amazing days I spent there.

My trip in South Africa ended in Cape Town in late January and somehow made me realize that I still have goals and things I want to achieve. One of those things was to visit ten new countries in 2017.

For me, it’s not the most difficult challenge to visit ten new countries when living in Europe. However, working full time and studying full time as well takes time management to a totally new level.

But since I am under 26 years old it means that I can get SAS Youth Tickets and fly super cheap all over Europe. And suddenly one afternoon I had booked several holidays for this summer.

Here is my list of the 10 new countries I’ll visit in 2017:

  1. South Africa (done)
  2. Swaziland (done)
  3. Hungary
  4. Romania
  5. Montenegro
  6. Finland
  7. Russia
  8. To be announced
  9. To be announced
  10. To be announced

I hope you’ll all stay with me and keep reading my blog posts, because I am going to travel all by myself and would like to keep my readers as company occasionally.

Lots of love xx