Finally we got nice weather in Denmark. I’ve been waiting for it for months. And even though I went to so many places in the winter, I still miss the sun all the time.

My boyfriend and I were off the same day and chose to make a day trip to Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark. 

The castle is the first thing you see, when you get off the train station in Helsingør. A thing everyone should be prepared for is that it’s very windy in that city. At home I felt comfortable and thought it would be nice and sunny, but as soon as we got there, we were freezing!

Kronborg Castle was built in the 1420s and was used until 1930, where it opened to the public. Today it’s just a museum – but a really cool one. It is the home of Hamlet. Shakespeare called the castle Elsinore, which has become the English name of the city Helsingør.

You can explore the entire castle, and when you go to the scary catacombs of Kronborg Castle, you’ll see the statue of Holger the Dane. For several hundreds years he has been an important national symbol for us Danes.

When my boyfriend and I visited the castle, we saw all rooms of the castle and ended with going to the catacombs to see the statue. The statue of Holger the Dane is very scary and walking around down under the castle is in general very scary, since it’s dark and you have no idea where to go or what to expect in the next room.

A day ticket for the castle is 80 kr (10 euros), which I definitely think is worth it. After having seen the castle, you can sit outside in the sun and just enjoy the view over the water and see that Sweden is not that far away after all.

In the city of Helsingør there are lot’s of small restaurants which serve Danish food, if you’re into that. We didn’t really want that, since it’s nothing new for us, so we just chose a very, very nice Italian restaurant a bit further down the street. Definitely a place I’d recommend, if you’re not into Danish food either.

So yeah, seeing Kronborg Castle was something I wanted to do for such  long time! And finally I got the chance to see it.

Has any of you guys been to Kronborg Castle?

xx Marie