You probably don’t think about all the extra calories you take in when traveling or how often you get lost or fight with your loved ones when going abroad. Interesting facts have been revealed a recent study done by Auto Europe.


This year I decided to visit 10 new countries. Out of those 10 countries 7 of them are European countries. I recently got back from a trip to Hungary, Romania and Montenegro. In Montenegro I visited the coast cities Tivat, Kotor and Budva, which are popular holiday destinations for many Europeans.

Vacation in Europe often equals beach time and road tripping through the mountains and going to the coast. A recent study from Auto Europe reveals incredible facts about the travel behavior of all Europeans.

To go on a holiday, a European drives 2,810 km on average to reach their holiday destination. During this holiday they spend around 2,550 euros.

This study had 6000 Europeans participating this year and some of the results honestly seem a bit shocking. As a traveler who has visited around 34 countries so far I thought I was an experienced holiday planner.


Overeating and drinking 44 cocktails

But there are so many things that still surprise me. The fact that Europeans drink 44 cocktails on a holiday and 1 out of 5 eat 500 calories more than they do at home shows that we change completely when going abroad.

I do not remember how many cocktails I drank when visiting Montenegro. It wouldn’t surprise me, if I am close to the average of this study. Especially because I drank cocktails at 10 AM in the morning when I tanned at the beach of Budva.

It makes me a happy to think about that we are able to enjoy our holidays and that only 4 out of 10 think about what they eat. This is a true sign that we Europeans choose to relax and just enjoy life when having our days off.


Getting lost and asking for help

At the same time, there are a few things that didn’t shock me about this study. It happens every time. When I go to a new place I often end up not knowing exactly where I am and as a result I need to ask someone for help. This happens twice on every holiday for the Europeans.

On a holiday a lot of things can get super confusing. Even for me. There are always so many new impressions, different rules and things that seem a bit unclear. Often it is too hot, which means we end up complaining about the sunny weather 8 times and then fight 3 times during a holiday.

Even though it can be hot and challenging to go abroad during the summer, there are still so many positive things that happen. I am a solo traveler, so I mostly travel all by myself. But for the people who go with someone they love the study shows that 33% were intimate on their holiday.  And then there are the ones who never choose to be intimate. That counts for 18%. This I really hope will change for the future.


Why do we change?

For most people the main purpose of going on a holiday is to relax and gain energy before going back to a stressful life at home. This equal spending 2.8 hours on your phone every day and using social media for 2 hours each day during the holiday. Some choose to go out in the sun by noon and stay there for 3 hours and read 2.4 books before they go back home.

When this study was published to reveal the travel behavior of the Europeans, it is obvious that we in this part of the world come from a stressful everyday life, which probably is the reason for the overeating, not being intimate and all the fights. However, it makes me truly positive to see how we are still able to relax, read books and spend time with the people we care about.

For all the European travelers, do you recognize yourself in this study?