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I am back from my 3-days trip to Germany! The days were hectic – but it was very nice to see my friend again. I met her dad and her boyfriend, who are very kind people.

She picked me up at Düsseldorf Airport. It was a bit difficult to find each other, since my phone didn’t have any connection and she was waiting in a different area from where I came out. Confusing, but in the end we found each other.

We drove directly to Solingen, where her dad lives. This is the place, where she grew up and has lived most of her life. Since it was kind of late the Friday, we chose to just go out to have dinner and catch up on everything. We ate at a place called Alex, which has cheap and good food!

It was very cool to see how her dad lives. He lives in my friend’s childhood home, so her old room still looks like the time where she was a kid and lived at home. Colors everywhere and bed sheets with cartoons on it. 🙂

The dad’s house was very typical german – very different from the danish/scandinavian style that I’m used to. But at the same time it felt very comfortable to be there, since a lot of the things remind me of how my dad lives in Germany.

So yeah, the following day we went to Cologne. Cloudy as expected, but luckily no rain. And first things first! We went straight up to Kölner Dom. We had to go up 533 stair steps to be able to enjoy the view over Cologne.


The cathedral was built between the years 1248 and 1880 and is today 145 meters tall, so when we got up there we had an amazing 360 degrees view over the city. Definitely all the steps worth even though we had to pay 2 euros to get up there!


We got up and this is the view that met us:


After enjoying the view over Cologne, we continued sightseeing in the city. We went shopping and afterwards we had some late lunch close to the River Rhine (Rhein in German).

It was a long day in Cologne, but I’m so glad that we got time to see each other and be able to catch up that much. After our day trip to Cologne, we headed back to Solingen to get our stuff and continue to Bielefeld. The car ride would be approx. 2 hours, so I was just happy to be able to rest a bit after walking that much all day.

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