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In less than two weeks I’ll arrive at Marrakech airport! I am so excited to see the sun again. After the quick trip to Gstaad in Switzerland I feel like it’s already time to get some tan and go surfing. 

Even though I am madly in love with Gstaad and the swiss alps, I still have my love affair with the sunshine.

Before I went traveling this winter I hadn’t been to any crazy places for months, and I almost got used to it. Now I know why I traveled so much before. It makes you addicted like nothing else.

I am so happy to have booked this trip to Morocco. I’ll stay there for 2 weeks with some of my best friends from school. First we’ll stay in Marrakech for a few days to enjoy the big city, 1001 nights and shopping. None of us has been there before, which makes the trip even more fun for all of us!

After having spend all our money on shopping and sightseeing, we’ll head to a little surfers paradise close to Agadir, where we’ll stay for a week. In this place we’re going to meet some more people from school and then we’re surfing all day long!

I am not sure whether it’s possible to go diving or not, but I really hope it’s possible to do so. I haven’t been diving since Sharm El-Sheikh last year, so it’s about to be time to go again.

Right now we haven’t planned anything specific yet in Marrakech. We booked the hotel but nothing else. So if you have any ideas to what we should see or do, please let me know! xx

Marie is the founder of this blog, which has existed since 2012. Her entire life, she has had a passion for traveling and loves to explore and try out new adventures. Having visited 40+ countries so far, she keeps being in love with Africa and its incredible nature. She used to live in both Norway and Switzerland, but has moved her base back to Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides traveling, Marie loves reading books, writing and meeting new people.



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