I went to Marbella for a week. During this week I thought it would be cool to visit the British Overseas Territory Gibraltar, which is only a one hour drive away from Marbella. Gibraltar is the only place in Europe, where you cansee wild monkeys. Of course that was what I aimed for.

Together with two of my friends I took a bus, which was going directly there. On the bus tour we saw a lot of Spanish nature, which was really nice and relaxing. Gibraltar has been on my bucket list for long and I felt like I definitely couldn’t miss this chance of finally going there.

We arrived just outside Gibraltar, since the bus wasn’t allowed to drive across the boarder. It was completely fine, since the city centre was only a 15 min walk from the bus stop. We didn’t really know where to go, but we decided to just walk towards the Rock of Gibraltar, which is 426 m tall and a peninsula.


Runway of Gibraltar Airport

At the boarder we had to show our passports. On the other side of the boarder control there was the airport of Gibraltar. Half of the airports runway is build on the water. We had to cross this runway in order to get to the city and the rest of Gibraltar. And of course we took a lot of pictures while crossing, since it’s not something you’re allowed to every day.

The city centre was more or less easy to find. It’s just one shopping street with a lot of not so good places to eat. We found a restaurant that had pizza and pasta, but it definitely wasn’t something we enjoyed. It seemed that the good restaurants weren’t close to the city. We didn’t find any good place until we came to the marina of Gibraltar. Here there were some good places, which weren’t too expensive. With the books in our bags, we ordered food, ate, ordered coffee and started reading our books for a couple of hours.

The marina is probably the best location of Gibraltar, where things are more new and nice. The better restaurants are here, there’s a great view and a bit of wind coming from the ocean.

Gibraltar Marina

Gibraltar Marina

Besides eating, drinking coffee and reading our books we also went shopping on the shopping street with great success! We went to a botanical garden, which is right next to the cable cars. Unfortunately the cable cars were closed due to the “bad”, cloudy weather that day. This meant that I wasn’t able to see the wild monkeys this time. It was really a shame – I was looking forward to that! But hopefully it won’t be my last time in Gibraltar.

When we went back in the end of the day to catch the bus, the runway of the airport was closed and we couldn’t cross it. There were two planes landing and leaving. Well, luckily we still made it on time for the bus!

Have you been to Gibraltar? Let me know what you think of this place!