Summer in Denmark is amazing! No place in the world has the same type of summer as we have it here. It’s fresh, the birds are singing and the temperature is usually not crazy hot – but instead it’s all very comfortable. 

We have been waiting for more than half a year to get the sun to shine warm and bright. And my grandmother has asked me for months if I shouldn’t buy a bike as soon as possible. So of course I go and buy a new, white summer bike.

My boyfriend and I chose to make a day trip out of it and went from Hellerup (Denmark) up north. The first place we went to was Charlottenlund Fort, which is just by the water. There is grass that you can sit on, a little ice cream shot and stair down to the water, so you can take a dip in the small waves.

The water was still cold and we had only been biking for a few km, so we decided to go even more north and ended up in Klampenborg, where the amusement park Bakken is. Bakken has free entrance and I had never been there before, so for me this was really exciting to see.

I have once worked in an amusement park when I was 14-16 years old. And when I came to Bakken I noticed that many of their rides where exactly or almost the same ones as they had in the amusement park, where I used to work. It all gave me this nostalgic feeling.

We chose to have late lunch in a restaurant that served food outside on their terrasse. From their we could see all the rides and people who just enjoyed their day just like us.

If you’re ever going to Denmark and have extra time to see something different than Copenhagen, then I definitely recommend that you go there.

And if you ask me whether you should go to Tivoli or Bakken, I would say Bakken for sure!