Working Abroad In Norway

This summer I chose to go work in Norway. I study and live in Copenhagen, but during my two months summer holidays I like to save some money for the next year. This time I went to Sandefjord, which is approx. a 2 hours drive away from the capital Oslo. I have been here 4 months last year – and actually have been working seasonal jobs in Norway 3 times before, which makes this my 4th time in Norway.


Harnas Wildlife Foundation – The End

Have you read – The Beginning and The Daily Routine of Harnas Wildlife Foundation?

After the first 4 weeks I started realizing that this was going to end. After 4 weeks I met a guy which I fell in love with. I still feel like I made a huge mistake that time.
We started talking at Lapa Night and talked about getting married. I guess we were drunk.. But he was a real gentleman. I told him to sleep in my cabin, but he didn’t want to because I was drunk and this was the first night.
I clearly remember how he asked me, if I would talk to him the next day. I said I would!


Harnas Wildlife Foundation – The Beginning

So I decided to stay at Harnas Wildlife Foundation for 5 weeks. It was one of my best experiences in my life! As soon as you arrive, you feel so happy. Everything is so pieceful. Life has a different meaning here. It’s not about how pretty you are or how much money you have. It’s about who you are and it’s about the animals!