Hey you all! I have so many updates for you regarding me escaping the winter. Let’s start with the India trip, which is only 4 days from now! I GOT MY TOURIST VISA! Today I have picked up both my moms and my passport at the Indian Embassy. We got the tourist visas and now we’re [...]

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I have lots of updates for you!! First, let’s talk abut the trip to India. 🙂 INDIAN TOURIST VISA! First of all, I am so sorry I didn’t make a post last Wednesday. But there has been too much going on with planning this trip and  school and work here in Copenhagen. Exams are coming up, [...]

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Tønsberg Pier – Norway!

Today I went to a new city in Norway: Tønsberg! As shown on the map here it’s not really that far away from Oslo. A 20 minutes train ride from Sandefjord, the town where I live this summer. During summer time Tønsberg pier is crowded with tourists and locals. Restaurants located right next to each other [...]

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