The Secrets of the Forbidden City

A must see in Beijing is the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Located just next to each other a new world is entered. Tiananmen Square is placed just outside the Forbidden City in Beijing and is the fourth largest city square in the world. Both the Tiananmen Gate and the Forbidden City were built in 1415 [...]

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I Love Munich! ♡

When I was in Namibia I met a girl called Theresa. We lived in the same cabin (Kavango) with to other girls. It didn’t take much time to find out that Theresa and I would have an amazing time in Namibia together. She lives in Munich and I live in Norway, which makes it really complicated [...]

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4 Days In London

London is an amazing city. Especially during spring. This was when I had the chance to visit London for four days together with my mom and and sister. The weather was great and we we’re ready to go shopping and sightseeing. Our goal was to have seen all sights worth seeing within the four days and at [...]

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A Weekend in Copenhagen

Since I’m working in Sandefjord, Norway, right now, it’s so easy to go to Copenhagen. Oslo airport is only 2 hours away and we also have a little airport in Sandefjord going directly to Copenhagen. Perfect! This weekend I was in Copenhagen visiting one of my best friends. It was her birthday, so we all had [...]

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