After a long(!!) flight from Copenhagen with several stops, my mom and I finally arrived at New Delhi airport. Never before in our lives have we been as exhausted as we were on our day of arrival. It was Sunday morning, when my sister and her friend picked us up at the airport. Landing in New Delhi [...]

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One hour to Berlin. Then 6 hours to Abu Dhabi. Departure from Copenhagen was 8 PM. Arrival at Abu Dhabi was 6.50 AM. It was a long flight with almost no sleep. But my mom and I were still super excited to explore this part of the United Arab Emirates.  […]

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Hey you all! I have so many updates for you regarding me escaping the winter. Let’s start with the India trip, which is only 4 days from now! I GOT MY TOURIST VISA! Today I have picked up both my moms and my passport at the Indian Embassy. We got the tourist visas and now we’re [...]

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