I have no idea what to expect. When I ask fellow Danish travel bloggers about Minsk, they have no clue of what to see or do. Maybe it’s because in 2016 there were only 88,200 tourists in Minsk (tourists who bought travel services from Minsk organizations). Of those tourists 76% were Russians.

However, Belarus’ president Lukashenko changed the visa rules this year, (more…)


With London’s Airports’ Dedicated Trains Going Down on Christmas, What’s a Girl to Do?

London is a city that I admire, which definitely deserves to be part of my Throwback Thursday series.

I spent 4 Days in London together with my sister and mom, exploring all the famous landmarks through a bus service that took us across the city to see the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. For many, however, the perfect season to visit London is during the Christmas Holidays, with everything from fun Christmas markets and the exciting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. (more…)


After a long(!!) flight from Copenhagen with several stops, my mom and I finally arrived at New Delhi airport. Never before in our lives have we been as exhausted as we were on our day of arrival. It was Sunday morning, when my sister and her friend picked us up at the airport. Landing in New Delhi didn’t mean that we had arrived at our destination yet. (more…)


One hour to Berlin. Then 6 hours to Abu Dhabi. Departure from Copenhagen was 8 PM. Arrival at Abu Dhabi was 6.50 AM. It was a long flight with almost no sleep. But my mom and I were still super excited to explore this part of the United Arab Emirates.  (more…)