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Travel Blogging Without Traveling

As you might already know, I just bought a flight ticket to India for december this year. I am so excited so visit my sister, who’s living one year in Chandigarh. My mom and me are going during the christmas holidays, and even though we only have about 10 days, I’m sure we’ll get a solid impression of how the locals live in this area.



Traveling Goes Mainstream

Have you noticed all the travel blogs out there? And suddenly all your friends travel to places far away? You’re not the only long distance traveler anymore. Yesterday I noticed that there would be direct flights with the airline Norwegian from Copenhagen, Denmark, to St Croix, US Virgin Islands. And they’re also getting direct flights to Puerto Rico from Copenhagen. It seems that it gets easier and cheaper to reach whatever destination you have in mind. (more…)


7 Travel Blogger MYTHS

In this blog post I am not trying to tell you what’s wrong or right to do. And which people I like and don’t like. But I have noticed some things in the travel blog industry here.

Please tell me if you agree somehow or if I misunderstood it all completely.
A lot of people have an opinion of travel bloggers. And I think there are lots of myths and perceptions of those type of people.