With London’s Airports’ Dedicated Trains Going Down on Christmas, What’s a Girl to Do?

London is a city that I admire, which definitely deserves to be part of my Throwback Thursday series.

I spent 4 Days in London together with my sister and mom, exploring all the famous landmarks through a bus service that took us across the city to see the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. For many, however, the perfect season to visit London is during the Christmas Holidays, with everything from fun Christmas markets and the exciting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. (more…)



Welcome to my Throwback Thursday series. For my first blog post I thought about sharing my first real solo travel experience with you guys. My entire life has been full of travels in Europe with my family. But when I grew older the little all inclusive vacations seemed to have come to an end and suddenly I was on my own when planning a trip out of the country.