Freehand Miami Hostel

Why should you stay at Freehand? It’s expensive for a budget traveler to stay in Miami Beach. Most of the hotels close to Ocean Drive are out of my budget.

I had 4 days in Miami Beach and needed a place to stay. I googled all the hostels in Miami Beach and found Freehand Miami Hostel.

They told me when I checked in that you’re only allowed to stay here for 4 weeks per year; so all travelers get to stay here. Otherwise many people would choose to stay there long-term, because it’s the best place to stay in Miami Beach!!



Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort

That’s the name of the resort I stayed at in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) – Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort. When I booked this it was rated ★★★★+. I guessed this would be a lovely place to stay. Looking at TripAdvisor, the resort should be a very nice hotel with small flaws.

Arriving at the resort I saw that according to Egyptian standards the hotel had five stars ★★★★★. Sure – the standards are different in other countries outside Europe.

I stayed here for 7 nights in January 2015 together with my boyfriend.