St Croix – Cayman Islands – Milwaukee

Within few weeks I’ve traveled to St Croix, ┬áCayman Islands and then to Milwaukee. My boyfriend first got a job at St Croix as a dive instructor. The 15th of October I landed in St Croix airport.

We stayed here for about 2 weeks, where we just enjoyed living in the Caribbean. We went diving, sightseeing and had a lot of drinks.

After 2 weeks at St Croix my boyfriend got a new job offer at the Cayman Islands. Because of the low season at St Croix, he thought he would be able to work more in the Cayman Islands.

Everything was very confusing those days. Every day a new decision had been made about where to go.


I’m in Miami Bitch!

Miami Beach. I love this place. Walking around at Ocean Drive makes you feel like you’re in wonderland. Especially at Miami Beach Gay Pride. There are no rules of what to look like. You can be whoever you want to be here.

Another Danish girl and I chose to go on vacation. Where to? Miami Beach of course. When we arrived we tried to book a hotel room for the night. Unfortunately everything close to the beach was fully booked. This weekend Miami Beach Gay Pride was an event hosted at the beach. We were not aware of that until we went to the beach on Saturday. Dressed up gay people were everywhere.


Miami On A Budget

I’ve always wanted to go to the United States – to a state where I can go to the beach and maybe have a cocktail as well. I bought the flight ticket and had no idea how the next 3 weeks were going to be.

There is a facebook group called “Danish people in Miami”. In this group I asked if anybody had an idea of cheap places to live. Fortunately a very nice Danish family living in Weston, north of Miami, had a room where I could stay – for free! Lovely. The family was very nice. They were even offering to cook meals for me every day. And they also had a pool outside that I could use.