Christmas Gifts for the Traveler

Do you know a friend/family member who travels a lot? And you have no idea what christmas present that person would like? Most travelers live in a suitcase. Even me, who moved to Copenhagen. For 4 months I didn't bother assembling my new bought furniture. I just had my stuff in suitcases. Truth is, most travelers [...]

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All Inclusive In January

The destination calls: Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt! This is where you should go in January! At least this is were I am going. Sharm El-Sheikh (and Hurghada) is the place to go, if you're looking for great weather and cheap all inclusive during the winter months. Right now the country has some trouble, which means that it's so cheap [...]

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5 Ways to Control Your Wanderlust!

It's raining men. Or not. At least I see no men. It's all just rain and water and wind. Here in Copenhagen it's getting too cold. This morning I read the news about snow coming to Denmark. I know this is a travel blog and this isn't much about traveling. But I guess we all had [...]

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St Croix – Cayman Islands – Milwaukee

Within few weeks I’ve traveled to St Croix,  Cayman Islands and then to Milwaukee. My boyfriend first got a job at St Croix as a dive instructor. The 15th of October I landed in St Croix airport. We stayed here for about 2 weeks, where we just enjoyed living in the Caribbean. We went diving, sightseeing [...]

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