How To Spend A Week in Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate and also the capital of the UAE. Even though Dubai usually gets most of the attention and almost all tourists visit Dubai, there are still so many things to explore in Abu Dhabi.

The place is filled with action, nature, history and culture. You’ll be surprised by all the amazing things Abu Dhabi offers. (more…)


One hour to Berlin. Then 6 hours to Abu Dhabi. Departure from Copenhagen was 8 PM. Arrival at Abu Dhabi was 6.50 AM. It was a long flight with almost no sleep. But my mom and I were still super excited to explore this part of the United Arab Emirates.  (more…)

5 Must Sees In Istanbul

I spend one week in Istanbul with my sister in August. It’s so hot during summer time and sometimes I’m glad that I’m just a (stupid) tourist, who wears shorts and a tank top when everybody else is covered from top to toe. However, I have great respect for the muslims and I admire their culture and traditions. Even today they still care about their history and they think about how express themselves in front of other people.

Of course, when visiting Istanbul there are many cultural and historical things you should definitely see. (more…)

Skiing in Dubai

I know it sounds wrong. But if you know a little about Dubai, you’ve probably heard of indoor skiing in Dubai. You go to a mall, see little penguins and ski on the two slopes they have. Is it worth it? Yes! (more…)

Princes’ Islands of Istanbul

A must see in Istanbul is definitely the Princes’ Islands (Kızıl Adalar). A chain of the four larger islands and five smaller ones is located in the Marmara Sea close to Istanbul.

The name Princes’ Islands goes back to the time of the Byzantine period, where princes and other royalty were exiled on the islands. During the nineteenth century the islands became a popular resort for Istanbul’s wealthy people.

My sister and I visited the Princes’ Islands on a very hot day in August. (more…)

10 Days in Dubai

When I was in Namibia I met a guy who’s now a good friend of mine. He lives in Dubai. An excuse for not visiting him didn’t exist. So I decided to see him for 10 days. I was so excited!

My friend lives in the area called Media City. It’s so strange how different Dubai is compared to the rest of the world. You can only drink alcohol in hotels and if you want to buy it in a store, you need a license. (more…)