My Travel Year 2017!

This year has been one of my greatest travel years so far. Visiting 8 new countries has made this an incredible adventurous year. I am truly grateful for getting all these opportunities to go explore the world like this.

I’d love to share my best travel memories of the year with you (more…)

How To Spend A Week in Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate and also the capital of the UAE. Even though Dubai usually gets most of the attention and almost all tourists visit Dubai, there are still so many things to explore in Abu Dhabi.

The place is filled with action, nature, history and culture. You’ll be surprised by all the amazing things Abu Dhabi offers. (more…)


One hour to Berlin. Then 6 hours to Abu Dhabi. Departure from Copenhagen was 8 PM. Arrival at Abu Dhabi was 6.50 AM. It was a long flight with almost no sleep. But my mom and I were still super excited to explore this part of the United Arab Emirates.  (more…)

5 Must Sees In Istanbul

I spend one week in Istanbul with my sister in August. It’s so hot during summer time and sometimes I’m glad that I’m just a (stupid) tourist, who wears shorts and a tank top when everybody else is covered from top to toe. However, I have great respect for the muslims and I admire their culture and traditions. Even today they still care about their history and they think about how express themselves in front of other people.

Of course, when visiting Istanbul there are many cultural and historical things you should definitely see. (more…)