GERMANY: Bielefeld

After a 2 hour drive from Solingen to Bielefeld, the sun was finally starting to shine. A few days earlier I had checked the weather for the weekend, and the sun was definitely something, I had been waiting for. So yes, finally it was here. We we’re sweating but in a very good mood!

I saw my friend’s apartment, which is very modern and has some scandinavian touches here and there. Very chic I would say!


GERMANY: Cologne

I am back from my 3-days trip to Germany! The days were hectic – but it was very nice to see my friend again. I met her dad and her boyfriend, who are very kind people.

She picked me up at Düsseldorf Airport. It was a bit difficult to find each other, since my phone didn’t have any connection and she was waiting in a different area from where I came out. Confusing, but in the end we found each other.

We drove directly to Solingen, where her dad lives. This is the place, where she grew up and (more…)

I Love Munich! ♡

When I was in Namibia I met a girl called Theresa. We lived in the same cabin (Kavango) with to other girls. It didn’t take much time to find out that Theresa and I would have an amazing time in Namibia together.

She lives in Munich and I live in Norway, which makes it really complicated for us to see each other. Last time was in Namibia in the beginning of October. So now it was time to meet again to go drinking and shopping together. (more…)