COPENHAGEN: Bakken – the amusement park!

Summer in Denmark is amazing! No place in the world has the same type of summer as we have it here. It’s fresh, the birds are singing and the temperature is usually not crazy hot – but instead it’s all very comfortable.  […]

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COPENHAGEN: See everything in 1 hour!

Is it really possible? Yes, it is! Even though I am living in Copenhagen right now, I have also been a tourist once. And never have I felt that there were too many things to see. But now I know what a traveler should see and what is not worth spending your time on. […]

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Free Oyster Hunting In Denmark’s Wadden Sea

Today I got the opportunity to go oyster hunting here in Denmark. In Denmark and and in the northern part of Germany there is a sea called the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea has very shallow water and mutlands, where you can go hundreds of meters out in the water and still have water under your [...]

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