Budget Friendly Restaurants in Copenhagen

We all know it. Scandinavia is expensive, and the food prices don’t exactly let your travel budget last longer. As I have been living in Copenhagen for 5 years now, I want to share my favorite budget-friendly restaurants with you guys. All places can be found in the city center, so it’s super easy to [...]

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COPENHAGEN: Bakken – the amusement park!

Summer in Denmark is amazing! No place in the world has the same type of summer as we have it here. It’s fresh, the birds are singing and the temperature is usually not crazy hot – but instead it’s all very comfortable.  […]

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COPENHAGEN: See everything in 1 hour!

Is it really possible? Yes, it is! Even though I am living in Copenhagen right now, I have also been a tourist once. And never have I felt that there were too many things to see. But now I know what a traveler should see and what is not worth spending your time on. […]

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