Things To See: St Croix

St Croix is a part of the US Virgin Islands. It’s an old Danish colony, which means that today there are still many things that are typical Danish. The street names, flags, history, building are all from the time when Denmark owned St Croix. Today some people even speak Danish even though they are black people. This is kind of funny for a native dane to experience (me), since most people in Denmark are white and not even close to even being tanned.



I’ve only been to the Cayman Islands for a few days. I wish I’ve had more time to explore and enjoy lovely Grand Cayman.


Utila: The Drunk Diving Island

My view of diving might be different from others. I always think that drinking and diving goes hand in hand together. The place also has to be hot, humid, and have clear water.

When I took my Open Water divers license and later the advanced as well, I had the impression that you could only be hungover to be able to dive. (more…)

St Croix – Cayman Islands – Milwaukee

Within few weeks I’ve traveled to St Croix,  Cayman Islands and then to Milwaukee. My boyfriend first got a job at St Croix as a dive instructor. The 15th of October I landed in St Croix airport.

We stayed here for about 2 weeks, where we just enjoyed living in the Caribbean. We went diving, sightseeing and had a lot of drinks.

After 2 weeks at St Croix my boyfriend got a new job offer at the Cayman Islands. Because of the low season at St Croix, he thought he would be able to work more in the Cayman Islands.

Everything was very confusing those days. Every day a new decision had been made about where to go.