After a long(!!) flight from Copenhagen with several stops, my mom and I finally arrived at New Delhi airport. Never before in our lives have we been as exhausted as we were on our day of arrival. It was Sunday morning, when my sister and her friend picked us up at the airport. Landing in New Delhi didn’t mean that we had arrived at our destination yet. (more…)



Most places I visit are places that don’t require me to have a visa. But this time, for India, I need a tourist visa. The process of applying for a visa is both challenging but also very entertaining.

For days I’ve been struggling to fill out the tourist visa application form. And there were certain things that made me wonder.




It’s entirely on purpose that I didn’t choose to book the cheapest flight to India. And with a 15 hour stop in Abu Dhabi, I feel like I still chose one of the best flight tickets available. I could have gotten a flight ticket much cheaper, but being able to spend a day in Abu Dhabi visiting my friend was a chance, I simply couldn’t say no to. My mom agrees, and since she has never been to Abu Dhabi before, she is just as excited as I am. (more…)