Things To See: Sharm El-Sheikh

A dive trip to the Red Sea is probably one of the best things you can do as a diver. The Red Sea has some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs with lots of different animals in the water. Even during winter time it's warm enough for a dive or snorkel trip. But when is the best time to go? And where should you stay? I made a list of things to do, places to stay and when to go. Enjoy!

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Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort

That’s the name of the resort I stayed at in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) – Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort. When I booked this it was rated ★★★★+. I guessed this would be a lovely place to stay. Looking at TripAdvisor, the resort should be a very nice hotel with small flaws.

Arriving at the resort I saw that according to Egyptian standards the hotel had five stars ★★★★★. Sure – the standards are different in other countries outside Europe.

I stayed here for 7 nights in January 2015 together with my boyfriend.


My Trip To Egypt! Sharm El Sheikh

I love Africa. And I love The Middle East. That is why I chose to visit Egypt in January to escape the snow we have in Denmark. In fact, Sharm el Sheikh is located in Asia (according to the guide). But I guess it can be discussed whether the Sinai Peninsula is in Asia or Africa.

This was my first time going to Egypt! Egypt is country no 30 that I have visited in my life. I had never booked an all inclusive vacation before and never had a companion with me when traveling before. Feeling unexperienced didn’t make the stay any worse. To be honest, it was fun to know as little about this place as my boyfriend. Just like me – he has never been to Egypt before.