Best Places to Eat in Kuwait

It is no secret that it has exploded with American fast food chains in Kuwait City. But even with the American brands popping up everywhere, it is still possible to enjoy the local cuisine of Kuwait.

This spring, I visited Kuwait and while there weren’t too many sights to explore, I had the time to explore Kuwait City’s food scene. As I am 90% vegetarian, I am always looking out for restaurants that also serve meat-free dishes.

Port Café

This is my favorite place in Kuwait. Located up north by the harbor of Kuwait City, you’ll find Port Café.

In this place, locals go to smoke shisha and enjoy the breeze while sitting in the shade. Their juices are a must taste, and they offer them in all kinds of varieties.

When it comes to food, Port Café is serving both international dishes like sandwiches, spaghetti and burgers but also traditional Middle Eastern dishes. Both choices are totally okay and all their food is made well.

Just next to the café there is the Souq Sharq shopping mall.

The Horizon in Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers are the number one tourist attraction in Kuwait. A dinner here gives you the chance to enjoy a panoramic view over Kuwait City and the ocean. As the restaurant is evolving in the tower, you can sit at any table you’d like and still get to see everything.

The food is a huge buffet inspired by the local cuisine. Dinner starts at 7 PM (some days at 7.30 PM), and it’s a cool dining experience.

If you don’t want to have dinner up in the towers, you can also pay 3 KWD (10 USD) to just get up and enjoy the view without going to the restaurant.

The Breakfast Club

This restaurant is a small chain with 3 locations in Kuwait. They opened their doors in 2011 offering “mouthwatering artistic platters”. If you look at their Instagram, you will see that their food is truly looking mouthwatering.

The Breakfast Club is a perfect place to have some healthy and tasty breakfast. Where hotel breakfast buffets aren’t always super interesting, this restaurant is a good alternative.

They have great options for people who only eat vegetarian and vegan food!

Leila Restaurant

In this restaurant, you get to explore the Lebanese cuisine. They have chosen to be inspired from ‘Grandma’s cooking’ and serve light meals.

Being able to choose lots of smaller dishes gives you an even more complete food experience. Not only are they inspired by the type of food that the Lebanese grandmother made, but the quality of the food is just tasty! On the menu, you will find typical Lebanese dishes like kibbeh, tabbouleh and hummus.

Again, this is a great option for vegetarians.


If you’re looking for a fine-dining experience that won’t ruin your budget, you must try Véranda. You’ll find the restaurant in the Avenues shopping mall – the largest mall in in Kuwait. After hours of shopping in the mall, Véranda is the perfect place to end the day and enjoy a good meal.

The menu consists of a fusion between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, and the atmosphere seems exclusive with high end décor.

Are there any restaurants I have missed? Let me know!

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  1. Zhanna March 28, 2019 at 9:06 PM - Reply

    I’s stick to local food as well as it’s a part of culture and country you travel to. So good to know that they have so many restaurants with vegetarian and even vegan (definitely for me 🙂 ) options.

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