Weekend trip to Toulouse | France

This time, I spent my weekend in Toulouse, France. After having visited the festival Tomorrowland in July this year, I met a couple of new friends that I really wanted to see again. One of those friends lives in Toulouse. And I couldn’t really see why I should stay home, when Toulouse has sunshine and a pool, while it is getting really cold in Denmark these days.  (more…)

Pairi Daiza | Belgium

After having visited the Belgian festival Tomorrowland 2 weeks ago, I decided to go back to Belgium for one day to visit Pairi Daiza. Pairi Daiza is a zoo located south west from Brussels in the french part of the country. On the website of Pairi Daiza they clearly state that this is the best zoo in entire Europe, which I totally can agree with now. (more…)

Tomorrowland | Belgium

So, I finally got back from from the wildest festival, I have ever attended. The festival is Tomorrowland in Belgium! Either you have heard about it before and know that it’s the absolute craziest thing to go there. Or you have never heard of it and comment to me after I get home “Oh, I didn’t think you were into electronic music”. And well, no, it isn’t the music I listen to all day long at home. But once you’re at a festival, it is simply the ultimate best. It makes the vibe much better and everyone is in a good mood and having fun. (more…)