In this blog post I am not trying to tell you what’s wrong or right to do. And which people I like and don’t like. But I have noticed some things in the travel blog industry here.

Please tell me if you agree somehow or if I misunderstood it all completely.
A lot of people have an opinion of travel bloggers. And I think there are lots of myths and perceptions of those type of people.

Here you go:

1. You’re more experienced and have more knowledge as a full time traveler

To me it seems like the full time travelers are the ones being respected the most. They live on the go and don’t have a rent to pay at home.
But who says that part time travelers haven’t experienced just as much or even more?

2. Backpacking and budget traveling is “cooler” than luxury traveling

People tend to think that it’s “cool” to live a life with almost no money, where you have to work in a pub once in a while to make a living. Being a backpacker and meeting other travelers at the hostels or London hotels if you are a large group, is the correct way to travel. They are also the ones who experience the cultures, because they’re not hiding in fancy hotels.
But what about the people who worked hard to do luxury traveling? And why shouldn’t they be able to experience the culture as well?

3. You haven’t really seen the world unless you have been to OZ or Asia

This is where all backpackers meet and this is (for some people) as far away as you can get. If you didn’t take your dive certificate in this area, it’s not really counting as a real certificate.
A lot of people forgot Africa. And what about South America and Europe? Completely different places, but still a part of the world.

4. Traveling alone as a female is dangerous. But if you do and you write a blog it it’s suddenly something any girl could do.

A lot of girls get to know that it will be dangerous and scary, if they decide to travel on their own. But as soon as they’ve done it, it seems like it was something any person in the world could do. No credit is given.
I truly believe every girl can travel on her own, if she’s just responsible enough. But I think all girls deserve more credit for what they go through!

5. It’s easy to write a blog. It’s fast and easy way to get cash.

In 3 minutes you can create a free blog. Just choose a design, start writing and put an ad on your sidebar or somewhere else on the page. Within a month you start earning enough to go traveling.
This is not what I experience. And I am pretty sure most travel bloggers work really, really hard on their blog.

6. Travel Bloggers don’t have a future. They need to study to get a career and survive.

Traveling might be fun while you’re young. But what about in 5 or 10 years? Have you ever thought about studying and getting a real job?
I’ve heard this so many times before. But in fact, many travel bloggers earn a living and work on their careers.

7. Travel Bloggers just want attention. “See me, see me”

They just make the blog to get attention. They also have a dream of becoming famous one day. Good luck with that..
Here I disagree. Most travel bloggers want to help other travelers and they like to share their stories with their friends and families. This is an easy way to tell everyone what you experienced. And other visitors are more than welcome to read about the trip as well.
However, traffic is always good and can help some travelers earn some money on the road. But I’m sure they’re not dreaming of becoming the next Kim Kardashian.


Anything I should add? What do you guys think?