Namibia is a great country. Beautiful with nature and wildlife. Compared to the country I am from, Denmark, Namibians general lifestyle is so different compared to ours. Traveling teaches you a lot! It makes you see life from a new point of view.

1. It’s not about what you are – but who you are
It’s easy to say you were born rich and famous. But in the end, what you were born doesn’t matter anymore.
People (and animals) appreciate it much more if you show who you really are instead of where you’re from.
To make great friends in life it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich, famous, good looking or popular. If you have a heart then that’s all that matters.

2. A materialistic behavior is not what makes you truly happy
It’s nice to go shopping to buy clothes and accessories that make you good looking. The happiness lasts one hour or one day. But long term happiness is not about buying new stuff all the time.
If you do something that makes another person happy, it makes you happy too – for a long period of time!

3. Cheetahs are weaker but faster than leopards
Just because you’re good at one thing, doesn’t mean you’re good at everything.
Just because you’re bad at one thing, doesn’t mean you’re bad at everything.
Work on your weaknesses – but focus on your strengths.

4. Don’t have perceptions about everything in life
When I visited Namibia for the first time, I got to know that I shouldn’t have any perceptions about anything that would happen to me. Of course I still had perceptions.
The leopard will jump over the fence and kill you, all animals are wild and will eventually kill you. No!
No animal has perceptions of you. Then why should you have any perceptions then?
When I came back to Europe, I found out that life was much easier without perceptions.

5. Hard work pays off
It can be difficult to go to the gym every day. It’s cold, it’s raining, it’s not fun.
But anything you want and work for will pay off one day. You will see a difference!
To reach a goal is a very satisfying feeling. So why not work for it and try to reach your goal?

6. Animals are equal to humans
We live in  a world, where the human is number one priority. We are just lucky that life is this way.
If lions and leopards were free animals in Europe, I bet we would respect the animal world a little more than we do now. Animals can be as dangerous as us. And we can be (and are) dangerous to them.
Living together with wild animals has never been an option for us. But wouldn’t it be nice if it was?

7. Lions can climb a tree – if they want to
Anything is possible if you just want to do it. Do you want to be a famous actor, the richest man on earth or something else? It’s possible – if you really want it!
Maybe people tell you it’s never gonna happen and you don’t have the talent. But what do they know?
Only you can really make it happen!