When traveling, some planning must be done. If you’re in another country already, it can be very convenient to know where to find the cheapest flight tickets, best place to stay etc.

Here are 6 free and very useful travel apps that I use when I’m on the go:

6. TripIt – Travel Organizer

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With TripIt you can plan your trips. When you put in your trip info you can add plans like flights, car rentals etc.
This app is a great way to keep all your information in one place. 

5. Kayak – Flights, hotels & cars

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Plan your entire trip at home with Kayak. With this app you can search for and compare flights, hotels and cars.
The app has a TripAdvisor map included, where you can see the location and reviews of each hotel.

4. Evernote


It’s very important to take lots of pictures while traveling to remember all your best memories. But it’s also very good idea to write down your experiences. Evernote is a notepad, where you can save all your notes and also save documents and pictures.
It’s a great app when you want to remember your travels.

3. Popcarte



What I have experienced is that some travel destinations don’t have any postcards. Or at least not any that I’d send to my friends or family. With this app you can create your own postcards and choose what size you want it to be, too! The cheapest and smallest one is 1.50 USD in shipping and 4×6 inches. Much better than sending a postcard that has been bleached in the sun!

2. Award Wallet



Is it difficult to know which frequent flyer program to use? What about hotels? This app saves all your frequent flyer, hotel bonuses etc. in one place. You just put enter your award numbers in the app and voilá, all your bonus points are shown. Very easy to use and much better than visiting their websites all the time.

1. Currency


This awesome app is really useful when you travel to more than just one country. It can be difficult to calculate in your head all the time. This currency converter is easy and very handy!