Looking at all the stamps in my passport that I got renewed in 2012, I made a new travel goal.
My passport lasts 10 years and I already have stamps on several pages from the last couple of years.

My goal is to have the passport full of stamps before I have to get a new one in 2022. With this goal I made a travel plan for the next 3 years (and a bit until 2022).

This year I got travel plans as well. And I’m as ready as I always was, equipped with the essentials enumerated at campingfunzone.com, to venture the densest forests. I recently visited Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and got one stamp. Awesome!

So here are my travel plans for 2015:

Dive in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt ✓
– Done in January

Dive in the Mediterranean Sea
– Cyprus or Malta. Both look beautiful and I can dive both places. I thought that I would go during summer time. It might be June or September.

Visit my sister in India
– She moves to India next month and stays there for a year. Of course I have to visit her and see how she’s doing!
However, it’s so hot during summer time. I might go May or October. Hopefully May (then I can go somewhere else in October)

Work in Norway (again)
– I worked there 3 times before. Now I’m going back in July and August. There won’t be much sightseeing, since I’ll work most days and try to earn money for further traveling.
One of my friends in Norway studies to be a pilot and works as cabin crew for an airline company. I flew with him before through Norway, and hopefully I get to try that again and maybe go to another country.

Lay on the beach in Zanzibar and climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
– Tanzania looks so awesome. And I already have fallen in love with Africa. AND flight tickets are not that expensive from Europe to Dar Es Salaam.
October would be the time for me to go there – right after the fall exams.

Visit United States of America (LA, Las Vegas or NY)
– I’ve already been to the States. And I felt home from first day. However, I have only been to Florida and Wisconsin. LA, LV or NY – I’m not sure yet.
USA will be a weekend trip or whenever I have a few days off and money on my account. I guess this will be a spontaneous trip with my boyfriend.

As you might know it’s impossible to me to travel as much as I did before. I study full time and work part time, which makes it pretty complicated to leave the country. However, I don’t have to attend to any classes in school and often we’re off because we have so much to read for exams. I could always bring my book with me during my travels and read on the go.

As I said earlier I also have a few things planned for next year and the year after that. Here’s a little list of placed I’d like to visit before 2022.

– Greek Island Hopping (visit most greek islands)
– Roadtrip Namibia, Botswana, South Africa (camping, volunteering)
– Azerbaijan (because not a lot of people have been there before)
– Moscow (because it’s only a 2 hours flight away)
– Indonesia (diving + surfing)
– Madagascar (to see the animals from the movie)
– Hong Kong and Shanghai
– Italy (there are too many things to see there)

That’s it for now. I’m sure more things will pop up and hopefully I’ve seen the whole world until then.
30 countries have been visited so far. There’s still a long way to go!