The Belarusian State Circus

One experience that left the biggest impression was going to the Belarusian State Circus in Minsk. I wasn’t actually sure if I wanted to go or not. But in the end I felt like I was here for the cultural experience, and going to the local circus seemed like being exactly that. Read More

My Trip to Minsk!

The new visa rules allow Europeans, Americans and a number of other countries to visit Minsk without a visa for 5 days. Belarus is still a super cheap country (compared to the rest of Europe) and still has a fairly low amount of tourists.  Read More

My Travel Year 2017!

This year has been one of my greatest travel years so far. Visiting 8 new countries has made this an incredible adventurous year. I am truly grateful for getting all these opportunities to go explore the world like this.

I’d love to share my best travel memories of the year with you Read More